So the big Game of Thrones finale has happened.

Let me start by saying this was only my second episode….ever.

My first one was the episode between the Battle at Winterfell and King’s Landing.

That’s right - my first episode was the third to last episode of the series.

That’s not relevant to the revelation, but just an interesting piece of trivia to how strange I am.

So in the aftermath of the finale, there of course is a LOT of conversation.

People who liked it.

People who hated it.

People who ABHORRED it and thought it was THE WORST FINALE EVERRRRRRRRRR

People who hated that Bran ended up “winning” the Game of Thrones.

People who didn’t think it was "fair" that he won.

Maybe it's not fair.

But life isn't fair.

And that’s the same thing with auditioning.

Auditioning isn't fair.

Call it the Game of Roles if you will.

So many people want the part, and ultimately, there can be only one.


I read a LOT of disappointment on FB after the finale, and yup, there is often a lot of disappointment in auditioning.

So many people get close to the throne - Cersei, Dany, Jon, etc...just like when so many people get close to getting the part at the callback.

And ultimately everyone but one is disappointed.

Heck Sansa chose to rule the North on her own instead of being ruled by her brother.

And sometimes, the person who did the BEST doesn’t get the part.

Sometimes the person who deserves it doesn’t get the part.

What I loved about the finale is that it is so much like life in the sense that it’s not fair, the person the role should go to doesn’t always get it, and there are feelings of frustration and disappointment to navigate.

If you choose to be in musical theatre, your heart will be broken. Many times.

It breaks when the show closes, and quite often, it breaks when it is cast for all but those who get the parts they wanted.

In the Game of Roles, you either win or you....learn from the experience and accept that you did your best and the decision is out of your hands.

With that being said…

If you want to have more of the control in your own hands regarding you getting the part, I’ve put together a free cheatsheet of 31 quick and simple things to do to stand out and to blow away your competition at your very next audition. Grab it here.

To you winning the Game of Roles,