Hey there, stars.

Check in time. How are we doing?Here we are in Easter Week. The Broadway theatres are "supposed" to open up this week. Although I'm not sure it's official, that's not gonna happen. In fact, we don't know when the theatres are gonna open again.

I can't help but think of how the Broadway Theatres were supposed to open up again this week, and here we are, not knowing WHEN they're going to open up.

And that made me realize a really valuable lesson and way of living that we can learn from during this crazy time of quarantine and isolation.

I follow Robyn Hurder on Instagram and she plays Nini (the one who dances Roxanne).

She shares her life with her husband and young son and before the #BroadwayShutdown, she would share life as a mom and then a few hours later life as a Broadway Star backstage.

And now, she is home being mom...for weeks...while her show is on hold.

She shows videos of her dancing in her basement (it's a studio) and this is where the lightbulb went off for me yesterday.

SOMEDAY the show will reopen.

And she will need to be ready.

She has to be PREPARED for that moment, that opportunity if you will, and she doesn't know when it's going to be.

As a professional, she has to be ready at a moment's notice.

So there's no slacking for her.

She needs to remain flexible.

She needs to be remain strong in her core so she can dance.

She needs to remain conditioned so she can sing and dance without getting winded or lose stamina.

In other words, she has to be READY.

The audience members her first night back haven't paid LESS for their Broadway tickets.

They expect nothing less than the show as good and as tight as it was when it was halted back in Mid-March.

And here's how this can apply to you, my stars.

Even though you are in school and have only one to maybe three auditions A YEAR, you must be ready like you perform on Broadway at a moment's notice.

Let me repeat that so you really hear me.

You. Must. Be. Ready.

How do you get ready?

I'll spell it out really easy for you:

You must be in good voice (or working consistently on your voice)

You must be ready to dance (or working consistently on your dance skills

You must be ready to act (or be working consistently on your acting ability)

You must be ready to give an opening night ready performance at the audition EVEN IF IT IS MONTHS AWAY.

You have an AMAZING opportunity right now during this time.

You can find NEW audition material.

You can learn NEW songs.

You can work on the acting side of your song.

You can take free dance classes at home.

You can listen to the soundtracks of shows you are unfamiliar with.

It's up to you. But one universal truth is immovable - when your moment arrives, you must be ready.