525,000 minutes.

Well not quite :)

More like 394,560 minutes since I last posted a blog here.

Been awhile. Hey there :)

Basically, I had a baby in January 2019 and it turns out they start really moving around 6 months...right along the time of the last blog post.

But I'm back and I'm excited to be sharing with you now that I have a little bit more focus about who I'm speaking to.

The blog has gone from a general blog about auditioning to one focused on my home market, the teens.

The theatre kids.

The ones I've been working with for the last 25+ years.

Turns out that that's who was hiring me to coach them anyway so I just made it official.

And I even have a TikTok where I am spilling the coaching for free.

Anyway, I'm back just in time to say oh my gosh are they gonna close Broadway due to Coronavirus?

Today is March 12th and I wouldn't be surprised if the answer is yes within the next few days.

One usher has already tested positive and there is talk that the Governor is going to restrict public gatherings to 250 people or under in the state of New York.

That would shut down the Great White Way.

I've already had lots of friends have future theatre gigs cancelled due to COVID-19 and sadly it looks like it will continue.

This is why it's SO important to create multiple streams of income that are non-dependent on you trading time for dollars, regardless of who you are let alone an actor.

Not just one, not just two but multiple streams of income that you can work remotely.

I'll talk more about this in a future blog but if you are affected by the cancellations, I'm so sorry.

A down note to come back on, yes, but a realistic one.

Because if I'm honest, the two things I'm the MOST passionate about are actors working in roles they love and actors earning above a living wage and able to have savings, retirement, and the nice things in life (which require $$$).

Wash your hands and I'll catch you soon.